A Closer Look at KIMKINI: 

Founded by Kimberley Champlin in 2019, KIMKINI is a sustainable luxe swimwear brand based in Dubai, UAE.

“In 2015, a few years prior to learning to sew in lockdown for KIMKINI Swimwear, I studied Fine Art for A Level. I focused on the beautiful form of Arabic calligraphy combined with famous abstract artist Jackson Pollock’s ‘drip technique’. So, I had these designs in the back of my mind when playing around with sketches of my dream bikini sets.” - Kim Champlin.


 This is how the staple calligraphy print was created and is incorporated in every fabric design. The calligraphy is Arabic and English spellings of KIMKINI, pictured below. 

Kimkini calligraphy

British Vogue notes, "Dubai-based and sustainable swimwear brand Kimkini is a must-have this summer - get two bikinis in one with their gorgeous reversible designs! Founded and designed by Kimberley Champlin, the swimwear is individually handmade with love in her Dubai studio. Fun fact: their custom RecoTex material is made from recycled ocean waste such as discarded fishnets and plastic bottles."

Kimkini Bikini Vogue Swimwear

 ‘Slow fashion’ is a phrase coined for brands that actively reduce their carbon footprint such as using recycled fabric, ethically handmaking every order which prevents deadstock, opting for eco-friendly packaging, differing from fast fashion brands which contribute to landfills and pollute the environment. Fast fashion is detrimental to the environment and choosing sustainable options to prevent further damage is now more important than ever.

KIMKINI was created with the hope of giving you access to sustainable and stylish fashion at an affordable price, so that making sustainable choices is easy and effortless.  

Hope you love your custom kini, handmade just for you <3

Kim X